by Kirsty Knowles

Not only does the teaching profession need to be more sustainable but also our vision, curricula and pedagogy for affording our students a real purpose for learning and fostering immersion. Children in primary settings are already generating creative ideas and demonstrating active interest in helping adults ensure they grow up in a world that is protecting their future, and adolescence is the pivotal time for developing their “executive function skills”.¹ In my experience, pupils are bursting with imagination and ambition when passionate about the change(s) they want to actualise for the planet they inhabit. They seem uninhibited…

by Ezinne Eze-Obaji

Howbury School is based in Lagos and organises a summer internship for students to develop innovative solutions to sustainable development goals. This article shares how students in years 9 and 13 created an application to resolve local waste disposal problems.

Identifying the community issue

When walking around the Mende community of Maryland, students noticed that the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) waste disposal facilities were left uncleared and were spilling into the road. The students were concerned about the adverse effects this was having on the environment and the community.

Taking action

The students brainstormed ways…

by Todd Baldwin

In this interview, Todd Baldwin shares why he co-founded the platform Crafted for international food lovers, @cookwithcrafted

Todd Baldwin

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was always interested in entrepreneurship, but didn’t initially have any venture capitalist or technology startup connections. When I came to Princeton, it became my prerogative to connect with people who were engaging in these spaces. As part of this process, I started a company while still at university that was initially providing solar powered water filtration to developing regions. Over the winter break we built a solar powered water filtration…

There has never been a time when the need for entrepreneurship education has been greater. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased unemployment and exacerbated existing structural inequalities in the labour market and within our wider society. Entrepreneurship can be a way of tackling unemployment through creating new job opportunities and catalysing economic growth.

According to the third edition of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, half of us will need to reskill in the next five years, due to the disruption of the combined economic impact of the pandemic and increasing automation transforming jobs. As a result, today’s university…

It is only with active reflection that we can strive to understand how our values and assumptions guide our thinking and responses.

by Kirsty Knowles

It is only with active reflection that we can strive to understand how our values and assumptions guide our thinking and responses. Reflection which integrates experience with new learning and knowledge from different academic disciplines is an opportunity for pedagogical and leadership development. Reflective practice brings about innovative and resourceful thinking for the progress of students, educators, and schools.

The practice of reflection is an extremely effective tool for gaining conclusions and generating ideas from an experience, involving open-minded and personal searching for why and how. …

by Cassandra Portelli

Our school has a lot of big personalities, they like to talk, collaborate, and even argue about their Mathematics.

The Creative, Collaborative Classroom (or C3) is the term used to describe activities in the school that get several classes working together. The school has created a collaborative learning space large enough to fit three classes, Students have access to breakout rooms for targeted learning moments and several forms of technology. Ideally the learning revolves around solving some problem that the students can relate to.

My World

One project is titled ‘My World’ and requires students to plan…

by Andrew Belegrinos

Teachers have no time to waste. Too often our quest for the right activity means wading through mountains of irrelevant material, only to find items incomplete, poorly formatted or frustratingly not quite right for the courses we teach. Moreover, these materials are often not designed with the learning experience in mind. Before students explore a subject in-depth, it is essential they have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to build upon. What questions can we ask to best guide their learning experiences?

The student driven learning experience

Like teachers, students need to regularly reflect on their learning to understand the skills…

by Ioanna Georgiou

As a maths teacher of more than fifteen years or so, I have been encountered with the questions “why do we do this?” and “how is this useful?” a few too many times to ignore.

The questions are more than fair: the mathematics taught in school was discovered (or invented, depending on your philosophical inclination) several centuries ago. The mathematics used behind the scenes in our increasingly technologically advanced lives are nowhere to be seen in school. So indeed, why and how?

School mathematics forms the basis of more advanced concepts and of course without the fundamentals…

Jude Williams, Chief Executive of The Literacy Pirates shares how they make a transformative impact on the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people so that they can achieve both at school and in the world beyond.

The Literacy Pirates works exclusively with young people who are both falling behind at school and have fewer advantages in their personal circumstances. Did you know that in the UK your socioeconomic background is still the greatest determinant of your educational success? In fact, two in three children living in low-income households in the UK fall below the expected levels in reading and…

How can we bring about whole school improvement using agile strategy? Tim Logan reports

Nonna Nerina is the world’s first agile grandmother! In the stunning Italian countryside, Nerina used to run pasta-making workshops from the kitchen of her villa. When lockdown hit, she had to cancel all of her classes. However, with the help of her granddaughter Chiara, Nerina took her pasta making online to keep her business going, and now uses the proceeds to provide meals for children in need!

Whether it’s companies pivoting suddenly to start making PPE, businesses like Nerina’s adapting to new ways of engaging…

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